The Headache Health-care Model


"Health care for headache focuses on the person affected by headache. ... The Global Campaign model leads that person along a critical path to its objective, which is best possible clinical outcome."


Health care for headache focuses on the person affected by headache, in whatever locality in the world he or she may be.

The Global Campaign health-care model, encompasses the headache services organizational model. Properly implemented, it will lead that person along a critical path (in project-management terminology) to its objective, which is best possible clinical outcome.


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Structured services

Structured 3-tier services according to Lifting The Burden's headache services organizational model provide the most effective ... » read more



Educational initiatives, the central pillars of the Global Campaign, are also central to the delivery of effective health care, and the ... » read more


The starting point

For the person affected by headache, the starting point is to seek medical care. To bring this about requires educational programmes ... » read more



Supporting this action is the introduction of screening initiatives amongst those overly reliant upon self-treatment. With suitable ... » read more


Knowledgeable health-care providers

Little benefit will come from seeking medical care unless the health-care provider is knowledgeable of headache diagnosis and ... » read more



Various support initiatives, particularly management aids, need to be put in place. These assist non-specialist but knowledgeable ... » read more



The use within these guidelines of appropriate and cost-effective drugs leads towards success in providing care. Misuse of medication ... » read more



Iterative follow-up, with outcome review, is the only way to ensure that best possible outcome is achieved. Validated measures of ... » read more


Adequate resources

None of this will serve any purpose unless the necessary resources can be called upon. Availability of resources depends upon ... » read more


Quality assurance

Service quality must be maintained. For this purpose, it must be measured using validated indices of quality that respect patients' ... » read more