The Global Campaign

What is it?

The Global Campaign against Headache is a worldwide partnership. First and foremost, it is a collaboration with the World Health ... [more]


The Global Campaign's essential purpose is to bring better health care to people with headache, thereby reducing the burden ...[more]

The problem summarized

Headache disorders are real and often lifelong illnesses. They are very common, affecting men, women and children ... [more]

Vision, aims and mission

The Global Campaign is a response to these global failures. Its vision is of a future world in which headache disorders ... [more]

Background and history

The following pages describe how the Global Campaign was conceived. They also describe the background to the Campaign ... [more]

Core values

Lifting The Burden and the Global Campaign adopt the eight values described below as core, undeniable and incontrovertible... [more]


The Global Campaign depends upon the people who contribute to it. The Campaign is directed by the Global Campaign Director ... [more]