Managing the Project

The Global Campaign against Headache is a global project, and an umbrella for many smaller projects. Looked at as a whole, it is vastly ambitious, and beyond what might ever be achieved.

This does not mean it is non-viable or misconceived. Success is not dependent on completion of the entire project as laid out here. Each element of the Campaign is a useful end in itself, contributing in some way to better lives of those affected by headache disorders.


I may, I might, I must

If you will tell me why the fen

appears impassable, I then

will tell you why I think that I

can get across it if I try.

Marianne Moore (1887-1972)


Nevertheless, changing the world is a challenging task. Rather than suffer Descartes' paralysis from uncertainty, Lifting The Burden adopts the indomitable spirit invoked by American poetess, Marianne Moore (above), and sets about the task with its aspirational vision.

Lifting The Burden took apart the three objectives of the task, deconstructing them into multiple smaller, achievable objectives that, when reassembled at some time in the future, would lead to that vision.



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