Current Priority Localities and Countries

African Region

Africa is large and diverse. At the launch of the Global Campaign, little was known of the burden of headache anywhere. Population-based... » read more


Region of the Americas

The burden of headache is well-established in the United States but not in Mexico. There may be other important objectives in... » read more


Eastern Mediterranean Region

This region is a priority (a) because there are few good data and (b) because it includes countries that are well-resourced to support ... » read more


European Region

The former USSR is a priority because (a) it is a large area of Europe with little knowledge of headache burden and (b) opportunity ... » read more


South-East Asia Region

India is a priority country (a) because of its size, (b) because knowledge of headache burden is not good and (c) because headache ... » read more


Western Pacific Region

Opportunities exist in China and perhaps South Korea. China is a priority country (a) because of its size and (b) because headache ... » read more