Region of the Americas

21 October 2016
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In North America the burden of headache is well-established in the United States. There may be other important objectives in this country. These are being discussed with the Special Interest Group for Underserved Populations of the American Headache Society.

The burden of headache is not known in Mexico. A population-based study is needed in Mexico but is not currently planned because of lack of local partners.

Burden-of-headache data exist in Central America but are of questionable quality. At least one new study is needed.

Guatemala offers the best opportunities, with a majority indigenous Mayan population. The neurology training programme at Universidad de San Carlos, under the direction of Dr Henry Stokes, covers the whole country, and many neurologists from neighbouring countries are trained there.

In South America, burden-of-headache data again exist but are of questionable quality.

A population-based study is being planned in Peru. Good prevalence (but not burden) data exist in Brazil, a priority country because of its size and because it is moderately well-resourced. A new study is needed to supplement the epidemiological data.


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