Linguistic Translation

Multilingual materials are essential for global reach. The 13 Campaign languages, with potential to reach about half the world's population, are Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
Translations into these or other languages must be rigorously conducted to preserve meaning.
Lifting The Burden's strategy for translations is threefold:

a) develop translation protocols to control the quality of translations of Campaign materials;
b) build volunteer translation panels for each Campaign language;
c) for large translations, employ an agency (and require it to follow Lifting The Burden's translation protocols).

Translation protocols
Lifting The Burden has developed translation protocols for three types of document: technical (aimed at health-care professionals); lay (produced as information for lay people, including people with headache, the general public and lay media); and hybrid (aimed at people with headache but to be used either in clinical practice or in research: for example, questionnaires, diaries and survey instruments).
These protocols are currently being updated.
Follow the links for the pdf files:

Translation protocol for technical documents [view document];
Translation protocol for lay documents [view document];
Translation protocol for hybrid documents [view document].

Translation panels
Lifting The Burden will oversee translation of all of its management aids, and is seeking volunteers for translation panels for each Campaign language. The standards to be met by panel members are set out in the translation protocols.

People contributing to these activities

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PDF icon Translation protocol - Hybrid (Translation_protocol_-_Hybrid.pdf | 67 kB)
PDF icon Translation protocol - Lay (Translation_protocol_-_Lay.pdf | 58 kB)
PDF icon Translation protocol - Technical (Translation_protocol_-_Technical.pdf | 55 kB)