Methodology of Burden-measurement

The methodology of published population-based burden-of-headache studies has been variable, hindering comparisons, and not always adequate, hindering interpretation.
The Global Campaign has produced a set of consensus-based principles so that the methodology might be optimised and standardised, especially for application in developing countries with relatively inaccessible populations.
This project was conceived in three parts with three outputs: a) review of the literature, and a discussion of the headache-specific epidemiological issues [reference 1]; b) formulation of practical methodological guidelines, by convening an expert consensus group (who met at NTNU) and undertaking wide consultation [reference 2]; c) development of a survey instrument (questionnaire) based on expert opinion and worldwide empirical field-testing [reference 3].

1. Steiner TJ et al. Improving quality in population surveys of headache prevalence, burden and cost: key methodological considerations. J Headache Pain 2013; 14: 87. [view document]
2. Stovner LJ et al. The methodology of population surveys of headache prevalence, burden and cost: Principles and recommendations from the Global Campaign against Headache. J Headache Pain 2014; 15: 5. [view document]
3. Steiner TJ et al. Diagnosis, prevalence estimation and burden measurement in population surveys of headache: presenting the HARDSHIP questionnaire. J Headache Pain 2014; 15: 3. [view document]

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