Child and Adolescent Burden

Population-based studies, usually involving interviewers visiting randomly selected households, have focused on adults (aged 18-65 years).

However, the burden of headache among children and adolescents is also high – and damaging to their education and prospects. Knowledge of this burden is clearly important also, but historically it has been measured even less well than the burden in adults.

School-based studies

Lifting The Burden has developed different, and potentially less difficult, school-based methodology for data collection from these age groups. School-based studies provide relatively easy access to children and adolescents, especially in countries where schooling is compulsory methodology for of headache has been developed, and pilot studies completed.

Pilot studies using this methodology have been successfully completed in Austria and Turkey. [reference 1]. A nationwide study has also been conducted in Turkey, and another is soon to commence in Zambia.

A global survey is planned, in collaboration with the International Headache Society. It will cluster-sample the world, by selecting schools in at least three countries in all six world regions.


1. Wöber-Bingöl C et al. The global burden of headache in children and adolescents – developing a questionnaire and methodology for a global study. J Headache Pain 2014; 15: 86 [view document]


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