Educating the Public

The "public" includes the general public, among whom are everybody affected by headache disorders, and the community in a broader sense.

General public,
including people with headache

Initiatives should encompass five threads of education for people with headache and the general public:

a) that headache disorders are medically important, both in individual and in public-health terms;
b) that medical attention should be sought for bothersome headache, and that health-care systems should be expected to provide it;
c) that people with bothersome headache should understand their headache disorder(s);
d) that patients should understand (in general terms) their medical management in order to adhere to it;
e) that people with headache should be aware of life-style and environmental factors that they can control.


Beyond these, there is a broader but ill-defined need for community education, where "community" includes specific audiences such as employers, schools, social services and media.

Again, e-learning via the internet is a likely way forward.

People contributing to these activities
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